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The following After Sales Services are carried out by the Company, all under the auspices, approval and direction from the Principals that the Company is acting as Agents / Distributors.

  1. Deliveries: These can be made to wholesale trade accounts and/or end-user customer residences. All products are carefully handled with state of the art loading and unloading machinery and delivered by our own personnel crews, from our Warehouse facilities to the shops or end-user consumers. 
  1. Installations: Installations can be arranged from our Logistics section, from our own qualified fitting crews to end-user residences with total dedication and professionalism. All manufacturer instructions are met with strict safety and aesthetic constraints.The Company has a price-list for all delivery, installation and related charges. This can be found below as an addendum to this section. It may change from time to time, but it is always reflecting a logical and current state of competitive structure.
  1. Technical Assistance: The Help Line is available during office hours and can be quite a helpful tool for information relevant to the Company’s represented brands and products. Expert opinion and advise can be provided for a very wide range of possible queries and questions set forth by concerned or investigative parties. Qualified personnel with experience in the field of domestic appliances and consumer electronics, will be able to readily give such info and direction or even, arrange for site-meetings with qualified technical personnel to tackle any problem and/or provide technical assistance and advice.
  1. Warrantees: Even though every brand may have its particularities or possible product offerings, the European Warrantee for two (2) years, according to the Principal for the given product, is offered to each and every product sold in our EU territory.Having said that, as Agents/Distributors, we often intervene and provide reports to the respective Principals to alleviate and/or help pressures that might arise from possible epidemic faults and product failures. We aim to help our customer in the best possible way and try to do this in conjunction with the rules and regulations that the particular Manufacturer warrantees are offered by the concerned Principals.
  1. Repair Services: The Principals have quite explicit instructions for all sorts and types of repairs and we apply all towards resolving problems and faults on all products.Towards achieving this, Domestica Ltd is in constant on-line link with Gias Service (for the Candy Hoover Group) and Cool Blue Services (for the F&P Group) as well as other Principal Service websites and has direct knowledge as well as direction for all possible eventualities, including epidemic and/or regular problems and/or faults.We sincerely feel and believe that our particular support service sector is second to none locally and that the constant update of both practices and knowhow into all new appliance innovations, keeps us abreast of all possible requirements for an all-round customer satisfaction.
  1. Disposal of Old Appliances: Domestica Ltd is one of the oldest members and parties that have made possible the local operation of Green Dot (Recycling of major materials), WEEE (Electrocyclosis) and AFIS (battery recycling). We have and continue to offer free-of-charge collection of all major and small appliances, pick-up and disposal of old devices. We will for sure remain a major player and supporter of this EU directive, towards a cleaner environment and a waste-free market for the benefit of all concerned.

Price List on Delivery and Installation charges offered by Domestica Ltd

Code Delivery Charge Description Nicosia Area Out of Nicosia
01 One Appliance Unit EUR. 20.00 EUR. 30.00
02 One extractor hood unit EUR. 30.00 EUR. 40.00
03 Island Extractor hood unit EUR. 60.00 EUR. 70.00
04 Additional metal base for island hoods EUR. 100.00 EUR. 100.00
05 Hood extension laser cutting/piece EUR. 20.00 EUR. 20.00
06 Connection of RF units with water EUR. 20.00 EUR. 20.00
07 Pressurized system for RF units EUR. 160.00 EUR. 160.00
08 Three (3) to five (5) unit install. /unit EUR. 15.00 EUR. 20.00
09 Full set or six (6) units plus EUR. 75.00 EUR. 100.00
10 Use of Forklift (to high-rise floors) EUR. 60.00 EUR. 60.00
11 Basic AC installation (10K&12K BTU) EUR. 105.00 EUR. 140.00
12 Basic AC installation (18K&24K BTU) EUR. 135.00 EUR. 165.00
13 AC wall brackets (base unit for AC) EUR. 35.00 EUR. 35.00
14 Technical Personnel Visit for Service EUR. 35.00 EUR. 45.00

All above prices carry an additional VAT charge (applicable rate at the time of rendering service). Also, special and specific additional works that will be deemed necessary to complete deliveries and installations will be charged as extras. It would be preferable to agree on these with all concerned parties but failure to achieve that under the circumstances, does not mean that the Company will be carrying extra works at no extra cost.