Some of the most important dates in the history of the Company are:


after some 55 years on, the Company is co-directed by the founder’s two sons, Andy D. Hadjioannou (1957) as the Technical Services Director and Marios D. Hadjioannou (1964) as the Marketing Services Director. In the last decade, the Commercial side of the Company has expanded drastically in size as well as in turnover, representing products and brands that cover more of the market’s vertical price structure, always focusing on high product quality and reliability. Moreover, it has further improved on fast and reliable Customer Services and Satisfaction as well as on innovative and promotional marketing practices and relations. Recent changes in systems operations and distribution have propelled its way in its field, as one of the most effective importing, retailing support and wholesaling distribution firms locally in the Appliances field. It is now representing leading Groups and renowned Brand Names globally, complementing their flagship brand ‘CANDY’ which is represented since 1958! The effort is that the brand & product range offered complements and caters for all price points and presents one of the best options in value for money buys in the quality appliance sector in Cyprus.