Here at DOMESTICA LTD, we’re passionate about our customers and we care about the details. It’s this passion that inspires us towards reaching our goal – to become the most human-centered appliance authorized dealers on the island. Whether it’s presenting, servicing, assisting, being hands-on or selling our intuitive products, our people are committed to their fundamentals and they collaborate to do real and meaningful work. It’s their curiosity, their interest in their customers, their well-rounded knowledge of all products, generous spirit and passionate spark that makes a difference for our customers on a daily basis.

We’ve built our success on strong foundations and each employee is part of our unique story. Our connected, island outlook means that a career with us can take many varied paths, awarding the experience and knowledge of a diverse range of people.

Our people help us shape our future, consistently delivering on our goals for considered and effective growth. With a commitment to quality and an appreciate of what truly adds value, we’re working together towards a bright future that’s full of possibility.

When you bring your passion to DOMESTICA LTD, we make it count.



We create real experiences for real people living real lives. Our customers aren’t often immaculate models living in austere surroundings; rather, they are busy people living lives enriched by friends, family, pets and visitors. We create products with life in mind. Products that are adaptable, functional, durable and of real quality. From the materials we use to our design philosophy and the way we conduct our business relationships – we are real people, making real product experiences for real life, advising our customers through our knowledge and our experiences we find ourselves bringing this to their knowledge in order to assist with their decision.


We care about our customers, our people and our planet and work with a willingness and spirit of openness throughout our business. This is reflected in the high standards with which we communicate our everyday premium position. We care enough to deliver quality experiences consistently, wherever customers engage with us, whether it is through our Experience Center/Showroom or from our service or anywhere else.

The DOMESTICA LTD “brand” is communicated with integrity by ordinary people with extra-ordinary skill and commitment to making life that little bit better, but down to it all, a family. It comes from multiple generations that have all contributed in excelling the “brand” of DOMESTICA LTD up to this date since 1957.


Our company is a human one at that. At the center of what we do are the people who use our products. These are the people we come to work for. We want to connect with our customers wherever we can with stories and ideas that are meaningful to them and demonstrate that we care.

These are people with routines and rituals, expectations and surprises, busy times and quiet times, joys and tragedies. They live in many parts of our island, each with distinct cultural aspects, styles and preferences. These human qualities are reflected in the way we associate and sell desirable, intuitive products to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable through our given products.


We understand the dynamic nature of modern living yet traditional ones as well. We are fascinated by the fundamental question – ‘how do you live?’ because the answer informs how we advise and sell products to enhance real lives. This curiosity drives our considered ‘choices’ we make to our people/customers from the big ideas through to the details. We’re curious about the world and how people live, wherever they may be. Our outlook is island wide and even global wide, but we understand each local neighborhood and the unique differences they may share with always head on towards the challenge at hand.