ABOUT Domestica

Established 1957

The Company, DOMESTICA LTD, was established and commenced operations in 1957 by its founder and MD, Mr. Demetris N. Hadjioannou (1926). In its infancy, the Trading Company concentrated on imports and the subsequent wholesaling and distribution of Domestic Appliances & Consumer Electronics. The specialized firm, pioneered in its field with an aggressive and strong dealer distribution network, covering the entire island, which paved the way for its future expansion and success.

Being one of the first ‘registered’ Companies in Cyprus, the registration number 40, was given to DOMESTICA LTD by the British Colonial Authorities , later approved also by Republic of Cyprus, which later on had honoured its pioneering effort and successful perseverance in the commercial effects of our Country,  through slumps, political unrests, war, economic downturns etc. Through the years, the Company managed to flourish and become stronger, achieving an outstanding and professional image, profitable results and commendable growth.

The most important International Groups/brands now being represented by DOMESTICA LTD are:

  • MAYTAG International, (U.S).
  • FISHER & PAYKEL Domestic Appliances LTD, (New Zealand).
  • ROSIERES S.A., (France).
  • CANDY HOOVER GROUP Srl., (Italy).
  • UNION AIR GROUP, (Egypt) – AMERICOOL brand.
  • SIL FIM Srl., (Italy).
  • TECNOWIND Srl., (Italy).
  • HOOVER Floor Care & Small Appliances & HOOVER PRO Floor Care, (UK).
  • WARM Srl., (Italy).
  • BSH GROUP Gmbh, (Spain), – UFESA Small Appliances brand.
  • INVENTUM INTERNATIONAL B.V., (Netherlands), – INVENTUM Small Appliances brand.
  • FALMEC Spa, (Italy).

The above brands and products represent complete lines of quality domestic appliances from world class, top international manufacturers, offering advance solutions for today’s demanding residence requirements. They cover almost all levels in terms of price and present the best value for money for the customer in each of their specific category.

Even though the main sphere of activities for the Company concentrates on Domestic Appliances, divisional expansions into the fields of Fitted Kitchens co-operations, Consumer Goods exports, Finance and Real Estate Investments have given to the Company over the years, a very good degree of flexibility, assets and diversification.

The Company’s Head Office and Showroom Complex (700 sq.m.), is strategically located in the capital city of Nicosia. The Company has a main warehousing facility in the city of Nicosia (approx. storage capacity 2000sq.m.), and branch depots in Larnaca and bonded warehouse in Limassol port.

Our VAT Registration No. is CY10001677F.