Established 1957

The Company, DOMESTICA LTD, was established and commenced operations in 1957 by its founder and MD, Mr. Demetris N. Hadjioannou (1926). In its infancy, the Trading Company concentrated on imports and the subsequent wholesaling and distribution of Domestic Appliances & Consumer Electronics. The specialized firm, pioneered in its field with an aggressive and strong dealer distribution network, covering the entire island, which paved the way for its future expansion and success.

Being one of the first ‘registered’ Companies in Cyprus, the registration number 40, was given to DOMESTICA LTD by the British Colonial Authorities , later approved also by Republic of Cyprus, which later on had honoured its pioneering effort and successful perseverance in the commercial effects of our Country,  through slumps, political unrests, war, economic downturns etc. Through the years, the Company managed to flourish and become stronger, achieving an outstanding and professional image, profitable results and commendable growth.

Some of the most important dates in the history of the Company are:

  • 1957 – Establishment of a trading entity under the Hadjioannou family name in Ledras Str., the most central and commercial street in the capital city centre.
  • 1958 – The brands CANDY from Italy (domestic appliances), AGNI from Spain (mobile gas heaters) and FERGUSON – Thorn EMI Co. from UK (consumer electronics), were ‘landed’ as the first branded representations locally. These were subsequently undertaken as sole agencies and distributorships.
  • 1959 – Registration and actual commencement of the Company ‘DOMESTICA LTD’.
  • 1960 – The Cyprus Republic is recognized as an Independent Sovereign State.
  • 1963 – Political unrest and clashes between Cypriot and Turkish communities.
  • 1963 – Transfer of business premises to Regenas Str., Nicosia Business District.
  • 1964 – Establishment of a rental Co. ‘DER’, (Domestica Electrical Rentals), made possible the rental of the many graded products that the ‘container-less’ then transport was producing.
  • 1965 – Representation of the American air conditioner brand CHRYSLER (USA) was undertaken.
  • 1968 – Establishment of ‘DCC’ (Domestica Climate Control), for contract A/C projects in hotels, hospitals, refineries and other non-residential offers that the company made at the time.
  • 1973 – Transfer of business premises to ‘owned’ Showrooms and Head Quarters at Hommer Ave., in the Nicosia Central Business District, just in front of the central capital-city plazza.
  • 1974 – Military Coup and Turkish Invasion into the island. A war but nonetheless, a national political disaster that halted business potential and growth for the years to follow.
  • 1985 – Representation of the brand SAMSUNG in the electronics field.
  • 1989 – Registration of ‘TRISTAR’ consumer electronics brand name and start of the OEM business in the electronics business sector.
  • 1990 – Representation of the brand TERIM and commencement of OEM business in cookers under the brand ‘DOMEGAS’.
  • 1991 – The Company undertakes the representation of the biggest and most preferred U.S. domestic appliances manufacturer, MAYTAG INTERNATIONAL (USA). In the same year, the Company relocates its business premises to new and much larger ‘owned’ Showrooms and Head Quarter Complex, at Nicosia’s most prime location, at the crossroads of Grivas & Prodromou Avenues.
  • 1992 – Representation of the French producer USINE DE ROSIERES (part of today’s Candy Hoover Group) and the Italian extractor hood manufacturer JET AIR (part of the Elica Group).
  • 1993 – Representation of the Aussie & New Zealand manufacturer FISHER & PAYKEL (NZ).
  • 1994 – Representation of the Italian heating product manufacturer WARM under the brand name WAPOR (steam iron stations, oil-filled radiators, fan heaters etc.).
  • 2000 – Co-operation and distribution of the MITSUBISHI (Daya Heavy Industries), brand name air conditioners.
  • 2001 – Representation of the US-Egypt joint venture coop manufacturer UnionAir, for the brand name AMERICOOL in the air conditioning segment.
  • 2002 – Representation of the Italian brands IBERNA and ZEROWATT (tactical free-standing domestic appliance ranges), and CARAD, the Greek mini-dishwasher manufacturer.
  • 2004 – Cyprus is accepted as a full member of the European Union.
  • 2005 – DOMESTICA LTD fully acquires L&M EuroAppliances Ltd, a competitive player in the local market, and brings on board brands like ELBA (Italy) for entry-level domestic appliances, UFESA (Spain) for small appliances and two consumer electronics brands, under LOEWE (Germany) and SCHNEIDER (Germany).
  • 2007 – Representation of the SIL FIM Srl manufacturer of Premium designer extractor hoods.
  • 2008 – Importation and sale of consumer electronics brand FINLUX (Vestel Group Turkey).
  • 2009 – Representation of the TECNOWIND Hood extractor manufacturer (Italy) with the ELITAIR and UNICA brands.
  • 2010 – DOMESTICA LTD acquires the representations of  HOOVER and HOOVER PRO brand names  from the local company N.D. Solomonides Ltd. Re-launch of the local operations for these brands was achieved in 2011 in the mist of the soon to be referred as the European Economic Crisis.
  • 2011 – European Economic Crisis
  • 2013 – Cyprus Banking Crisis. During the month of March, the Euro Group intervenes in the Domestic Banking System and effects an unprecedented account ‘haircut’ in the two most important commercial banks locally, the Bank of Cyprus Public Co. Ltd and the Marfin-Laiki Popular Bank Public Co. Ltd.

Today, after some 55 years on, the Company is co-directed by the founder’s two sons, Andy D. Hadjioannou (1957) as the Technical Services Director and Marios D. Hadjioannou (1964) as the Marketing Services Director. In the last decade, the Commercial side of the Company has expanded drastically in size as well as in turnover, representing products and brands that cover more of the market’s vertical price structure, always focusing on high product quality and reliability. Moreover, it has further improved on fast and reliable Customer Services and Satisfaction as well as on innovative and promotional marketing practices and relations. Recent changes in systems operations and distribution have propelled its way in its field, as one of the most effective importing, retailing support and wholesaling distribution firms locally in the Appliances field. It is now representing leading Groups and renowned Brand Names globally, complementing their flagship brand ‘CANDY’ which is represented since 1958! The effort is that the brand & product range offered complements and caters for all price points and presents one of the best options in value for money buys in the quality appliance sector in Cyprus.

Specifically, the most important International Groups/brands now being represented by DOMESTICA LTD are:

  • MAYTAG International, (U.S).
  • FISHER & PAYKEL Domestic Appliances LTD, (New Zealand).
  • ROSIERES S.A., (France).
  • CANDY HOOVER GROUP Srl., (Italy).
  • UNION AIR GROUP, (Egypt) – AMERICOOL brand.
  • SIL FIM Srl., (Italy).
  • TECNOWIND Srl., (Italy).
  • HOOVER Floor Care & Small Appliances & HOOVER PRO Floor Care, (UK).
  • WARM Srl., (Italy).
  • BSH GROUP Gmbh, (Spain), – UFESA Small Appliances brand.
  • INVENTUM INTERNATIONAL B.V., (Netherlands), – INVENTUM Small Appliances brand.
  • FALMEC Spa, (Italy).

The above brands and products represent complete lines of quality domestic appliances from world class, top international manufacturers, offering advance solutions for today’s demanding residence requirements. They cover almost all levels in terms of price and present the best value for money for the customer in each of their specific category.

Even though the main sphere of activities for the Company concentrates on Domestic Appliances, divisional expansions into the fields of Fitted Kitchens co-operations, Consumer Goods exports, Finance and Real Estate Investments have given to the Company over the years, a very good degree of flexibility, assets and diversification.

The Company’s Head Office and Showroom Complex (700 sq.m.), is strategically located in the capital city of Nicosia. The Company has a main warehousing facility in the city of Nicosia (approx. storage capacity 2000sq.m.), and branch depots in Larnaca and bonded warehouse in Limassol port.

Our VAT Registration No. is CY10001677F.